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Risk Factors and Interventions

Posted on February 3rd, 2020

Causative Factors of Foodborne Illness 1993-1997

(% outbreak) Source: Centers for Disease and Prevention,MMWR, 2000) 


  • "Risk Factors" or our "Areas of Focus"
    • Currently used as the guidance for training
      •   6%   Food From Unsafe Sources
        • Know where your food comes from 
      • 11%   Inadequate Cooking 
        • Cook your food properly, until it is safe
      • 16%   Using Contaminated Equipment
        • Wash, Rinse, Sanitize, and Air Dry 
      • 19%   Poor Personal Hygiene 
        • Employee Health and Proper Habits
      • 37%   Improper Holding Temperatures
        • Hold Cold food Cold, and Hot food Hot 


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