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Posted on September 29th, 2019


GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

Cross Contact      

Having to do with Allergies (same idea as "cross contamination") but for allergies only 
100                     Hand Washing Water Temperature = Degrees Fahrenheit 
Thermocoupler     sensor at the tip = immersion / surface / air / internal = four different attachments 
TTI                      Time Temperature Indicator = irreversible change in color if temperature abused during delivery
Infrared (laser)    Thermometer = surface temperatures only = like headlights on a car, closer you get better reading
 Scombroid          Fish poisoning = Temperature abused bacteria on fish act on humans like an allergy -Mahi Mahi / Tuna
 90 Days              Keep shell-stock Identification Tags because of Hepatitis "A" - Keep Fish Tags too now.
 GAP Good Agriculture Practices
Cross Contamination The transfer of Pathogens from one food or food contact surface to another


41 - 135 Temperature Danger Zone (Degrees Fahrenheit)
PH scale               0 - 14 / 0 being acidic / 14 being alkaline / 7 being neutral (best for bacterial growth) /
50% - 60% Target humidity range for dry storage / 
FDA                     Food and Drug Administration / Writes Food Code every 4 Years / recommendation to the industry
Food Allergies       Peanuts / Tree nuts / Fish / Shellfish / Soy / Dairy / Wheat / Eggs = "Cross Contact" 
Ciguatera             Fish Poisoning = Barracuda / Amber-Jack /  Snapper / Grouper =Purchase from Approved Source
7 Days                 How long you can keep prepared food in the fridge because of "Listeria" which grows in the fridge
IPM                     Integrated Pest Management = Deny Access / Deny Food & Water / Work with a Pest Control Co.
135                     Hot Holding Temperature - serving line / Hot Food Delivery Temperature - transportation
lighting                50 foot candles Food Prep areas /20 foot candles Service areas/10 foot candles Storage areas 
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